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Welcome to a series of posts covering various aspects of Kotlin programming for Android developers, from patterns spotted in various codebases to various gotchas and protips. We’ll try to understand if these patterns are good, when they work and when there are better alternatives.

As with all things programming, obviously, there is no absolute truth. The developer’s motto should be “it depends”! Never take anything for granted, always do your own reasoning. Maybe things written in the past aren’t valid anymore — IT moves fast. Maybe things don’t apply in the specific case you’re working on — assumptions always need to be checked. Let’s please not make this another “enums are bad m’mkay” — we’re past that, I hope!

Remember that these articles reflect my opinions, and I am a fallible human. I’m happy to be proven wrong, given valid arguments, and I’m hoping to start a constructive discussion with these posts. Feel free to get in touch on Twitter or post a reply!

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